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Dravakas are also known as Arkas. They are prepared by distillation process. Either single drug or combinations of drugs are distilled with water. Due to distillation the efficacy of medicine increased. Common dose is 15 to 30 ml 2-3 times daily.


Ref- asoka pharmacopoeia
ingredients : it is prepared by the distillation process of trachyspermum ammi (ajamoda).
indications : indigestion, Stomach ache, Vomiting, Diarrhea etc.
Dosage :  25 ml twice daily.


Ref- asoka pharmacopoeia
ingredients : prepared by the distillation of the drug hemidesmus indicus (sariba).
indications : burning sensation of body, thirst etc. It purifies the blood.
Dosage :  25 ml with milk or alone is taken twice or thrice daily.

Ref- asoka Pharmacopoeia
ingredients :  alpinia calcarata (rasna), ricinus communis(erandam), sida rhombifolia (bala), strobilanthus heynianus (sahachara), asparagus racemosus (sathavari), tinospora cordifolia (gudoochi), tragia involucrata (dusparsa), cerdus deodra (devadaru), baffalo meat etc.
indication :  Effective in Rheumatic pain.
DOSAge:  25ml twice daily either alone or with other anti Rheumatic Arishtams.

Ref- asoka Pharmacopoeia
ingredients : cyperus rotundus (mustha), santalum album (chandan), zingiber officinale (shzunti), Coleus zeylanicus (hreeberam), hedyotis corymbossa (parpata)  and andropogon muricatus (useera).
indications : it promotes Digestion. Effective in Fever, Thirst, Diarrhea etc.
Dosage :  25 ml  alone or mixed with water twice or thrice daily.


Ref-asoka Pharmacopoeia
ingredients : goats meat, ipomoea paniculata (vidari), ricinus communis (gandharvahastha), boerhavia diffusa (punarnava), cedrus deodara (devadaru)  etc.
indications : diseases due to vitiation of Vatha and Pitha. It is useful to improve general health.
Dosage :  25 ml to 30 ml with milk twice daily.


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